Type PF

Our type PF pressure blowers are single stage blowers for applications requiring high to moderate volumes at relatively high pressures. The open type impellers are of welded construction, and statically and dynamically balanced to assure smooth operation. The housings are of heavy welded plate with suitable bracing to withstand high pressures. Typical applications are cooling, drying, exhausting, gas boosters and ejector venture. The type PF pressure blowers are available for corrosive or elevated temperature applications. PF blowers have a capacity range from 1500 to 20,000 CFM and pressures up to 62” SP. The blower wheel diameters are 23” to 50” and are available for operation up to 1260 ° F. Single walled uninsulated housings are standard but double walled insulated housings are also available. Direct driven or V-belt driven fans are available in both housing types including a Kaybee direct drive sealed motor.