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Housings & Inlet Cones

Scroll and diffuser housings are specifically designed for use with our MI, MIH, MWM, PI, PIH, and PIM cartridge units. The housings are designed for independent mounting on the interior of the furnace and are available for all cartridge sizes and temperature ranges. They have our standard high efficiency design for optimum flow.

Scroll housings are single wall units and are available with a single outlet for direct gas flow or with double outlets which allows for two separate flows in opposite directions.

Diffuser housings provide for radial distribution of the gas flow by dispersing it equally around which allows for a more fluid flow of gas at low air velocity. Special designs such as load bearing diffusers or diffusers with custom sized outside diameters are available by contacting one of our sales representatives.

Inlet cones are aerodynamically designed steel spinnings for use with our BI cartridge wheels. They provide optimal air flow and a smooth transition into the wheel.

Industrial Gas Engineering Co., Inc

Along with our extensive selection of standard equipment, we offer custom built, one-of-a-kind fan designs to meet your unique needs. We can supply all of our equipment with motors matching the unique electrical requirements of any country in the world. Contact us and our engineering staff can assist you in the selection and design of the correct fan for your application.

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